Transportation Mode:

An efficient transportation system must consider many forms of travel, including bicycle accessibility to create viable transportation options for commuters.  Bicycling is not just a recreational activity – it is also a form of transportation for daily commutes to work or school and errands.
The importance of bicycle travel has grown nationwide in recent years.  A study by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and U.S. Department of Transportation in 2000 noted the correlation between bicycle travel and benefits to communities, including public health, economic development, and environmental preservation.

Bicycle lanes and trails are an important part of a complete transportation system, especially when links to other modes of travel, such as public transportation, are possible. 


A relative newcomer on the Central Florida cycling scene is a bike share program in downtown Orlando, which provides bicycles at several locations to connect with transit or just ride around town. Find out more about Orlando Bike Share here.

The University of Central Florida also offers a bike share program for UCF students and staff. Find out more here.


Federal law requires the consideration of bicycle needs in the transportation planning process.

To learn more about local bicycle planning by MetroPlan Orlando, visit the Bicycle & Pedestrian Program section of our site or contact Mighk Wilson, smart growth planner, at 407-481-5672 x318.

Reporting Safety Hazards

If you need to report a small physical problem on a path or roadway that could pose a safety hazard for bicyclists, please click here to fill out our Spot Improvement Form.  The form will be forwarded to the appropriate government agency to alert them of the issue.

Bicycle LawsBicycle Law Enforcement Guide - 275px

Under Florida law, a bicycle is considered a vehicle, and is entitled to share the road with cars, trucks and other vehicles.  Citizens wishing to operate a bicycle should become familiar with state traffic laws that apply to bicycles. The Florida Bicycle Association offers highlights of the state's bicycle laws.  To see the complete statute, click here.

For additional perspective on enforcing bicycle laws, read our report Enforcement for Bicyclist Safety, which includes an essay by Kirby Beck, a retired police officer. The report also provides illustrations of safe ways to share the road.

The Florida Bicycle Association also provides a review of Florida’s bicycle traffic laws specifically for police officers in the Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide

This guide assists officers with warnings, citations, and crash reports.  To request a printed copy of the booklet, call 407-481-5672 x318.